Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alzheimer's Legislation

I wanted to take a minute and let folks know about 3 pieces of legislation we have pending in the United States. Even if you are not in the United States you may have similar programs. I would actually love to hear what you think about them or similar programs.

We have the Alzheimer's Breakthrough Act. This will allocate 2 billion dollars to the National Institutes of Health for research on Alzheimer's. What I love best about this bill is caregiving is included. It is not just prevention and treatment but....gasp...caring. *cheers*

The second is ADD CAP (Alzheimers Detection Diagnosis Care and Planning). This bill would bundle Medicare services to provide the gamut of services to increase diagnosis and assist with the care and care planning for your loved ones. As caregivers we know it is not magic, the caregiver fairy does not magically sprinkle caregiving fairy dust. It is thought, care and planning and sometimes elbow grease and hard work. We love it but we know it ain't for the feint hearted.

National Alzheimers Project Act. This would create an inter-agency office that would coordinate the federal government's efforts in the campaign to end alzheimers and assist caregivers. What a concept a plan.

I just attended the Alzheimer's Action Summit and am excited and ready to work for all of us. I may not be actively caregiving at the moment, but every day I think about my experiences and your experiences. You are doing an amazing thing. Your loved one appreciates it and you, even if they can't express it. I know my mother had such guilt about her impending death, she felt awful leaving me to care for my dad. Mom's always worry. She was so busy worrying about what I was going to have to do in the future, she could not say thank you for being with her while she was coming to the end of her journey. But you know what, I know she was glad I was there. Those last hours when we held hands and she would not let me go, I know she needed me there and I needed to be there. There is no greater way to say I love you and thank you.

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